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“ Dr. Davis' knowledge of the human body along with his expertise with golf-related injuries has been invaluable to me. If you suffer with any back, neck,shoulder or other musculo-skeletal issues I would highly recommend Dr. Paul.” -Scott McCarron, PGA Tour Player

“I have used Dr. Davis as my own personal trainer and observed him training a wide variety of clients, including such special needs group as the elderly and joint replacement recipients. I consider myself in a unique position to judge his competency as I am an Orthopedic Surgeon with special interests in sports medicine, joint replacement and biomechanics. I recommend him very highly.” -Robert Bush, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon

“Dr. Paul Davis doesn’t just put a band-aid on. He not only addresses the immediate issue, but takes a whole approach in his treatment. I’m a small and petite woman-I don’t fit into the average mold. Dr. Paul has tailored his treatment to my specific physical structure and needs. His personalized care in educating me on what is attributing to my current condition and then integrating a comprehensive course of preventative therapies has reduced my joint and muscle pain substantially and given me much greater mobility, flexibility and muscle strength.” -J. Garvin

"I had fought with chronic back pain, which frequently became acute back pain. Dr. Davis changed that. He was the first health care professional to show me how to manage myself and my back. His proactive approach to my health changed my life!" -Paul Lundeen, CEO/Lundeen Pacific

“Dr. Paul Davis offers the complete training package for palm springs golfers of all levels. You will add yards to your drive and more enjoyment to your entire game. I can’t wait for the West Coast swing each season when I can have regular sessions again and feel the over all improvement in my game and conditioning. If you want to improve your golf game and add few yards, you must see Paul- He’s the best!” -Ian Baker-Finch, British Open Champion &CBS Analyst

“Paul is the most informed and educated chiropractor/trainer that I’ve had the experience of working with in my 24 years in the golf business. His background as a chiropractor, thirst for knowledge, and his staying on top of the latest techniques and information available regarding general wellness; and more specifically golf-related training (The Titleist Performance Institute), makes him invaluable to any golf facility.” -Dave Craig, Director of Golf-Toscana C.C.


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